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President's Welcome Message

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California State University, Los Angeles strives to ensure a competitive edge by incorporating state-of-the-art technology in the educational process. This includes technology that affords us remote access enrollment, satellite learning centers and rapid access to the wealth of information available on the World Wide Web.

The Golden Eagle Territory (GET) is a further extension of our student self-service offering and makes it possible to handle registration, student account information such as address changes, credit card payments, and view grades and other on-line services. We are very excited about the efficiency and time saving features of  GET and continually seek ways to enhance this student service.

"GET represents one of the major initiatives by the campus to significantly improve the quality of the student experience at CSULA. When we lessen the transaction time for the mundane, but necessary, aspects of higher education, we free students and faculty to spend more time in the critical learning and teaching processes."

I encourage each of you to embrace the convenience that our campus technology makes available and enjoy the time savings it provides to you. Best wishes for every success in your academic career.


James M. Rosser